Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Basket is a very popular traditional container which has got a covering lid or may be left open. They are manufactured with stiff fibers which are strong and durable. They are made from wood, grasses, bamboo, twigs, wheat etc but nowadays they are widely made from plastics. Some of them are made out of crystal glass too and they are manufactured both for decorative and utility purposes. They were used for a variety of purposes from the ancient days like collecting nuts, fruits, seeds, grains etc. They were very well used in the costal areas for holding fish by early fishing peoples. There were even special traditional containers for fishing purposes and it was named as creel.
The basket making has turned to be an art and this artistic freedom has allowed the makers a wide choice of colors, materials, sizes, patterns and details. They were made with several interwoven techniques were common in the ancient period. You would have come across the representation of the carrying of them on the head, particularly by rural women, in the ancient Greek art forms. In the modern days they are widely used for decorative purposes. In the modern era they have got distinct purposes apart from decoration. In occasions like Easter Christmas, New-year they have an inevitable role.
These physical containers are used to collect or hold treats for Easter.These traditional physical containers serve as gift baskets in all occasions of celebrations .They can hold your precious and the lovely gifts for your near and dear ones. These are used to present items such as lovely flowers, wines and fruits. They can also be used as a cradle for wine bottles and could very well serve the decorative and utility purposes. The hot air balloons are equipped with baskets for carrying the operator and passengers. They are building in a very strong manner to carry fifteen to twenty or even more passengers and they are good enough to resists the strong heat and the varying atmospheric conditions.

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