Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wicker Basket

It is a well known fact that wicker has been an interior design staple for centuries. In fact, you know that the ancient Egyptians were the first who introduced wicker craft probably never expected their wicker baskets to turn into a design tradition. A wicker storage basket is a great way to add subtle texture to your interior. You always can use a Wicker Basket to store magazines and newspapers. You can place this wonderful basket at an entry way of your sweet home for storing umbrellas. In a bath room, this wonderful storage basket is an excellent design element for holding wash cloths and towels. Let the texture fuel your imagination when designing a table setting for your dining room with this amazing storage basket. You can also add flowers or dried fruits like oranges and lemons for fresh scents. Actually this amazing basket serves the decorative as well as the utility purpose.

The wicker basket adds much to the simplicity of your living. It is really great for magazines and news papers. It is beautifully hand woven of finely peeled rattan. The leather strap handles that is present in the amazing basket make carrying the basket and its contents from room to room easy. You can very place this beautiful basket in the door way of your office as well as your bathroom. It is designed from tightly woven wicker that is shaped over a square wood and bamboo frame.

The wicker basket is an aesthetically pleasing alternative for general storage needs. Each of these amazing storage baskets has metal bars with iron reinforcements in the wicker for integrated strength and durability. These amazing storage baskets add function and beauty to your sweet home decor with these pretty baskets. This storage solution is durably handcrafted of hardwood veneer and comes with amazing baskets made of charm. These lovely baskets are affordable for every common craze for these amazing basket products is hot and growing. Many people are taking advantage of this craze by starting their own basket business.

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