Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How To Make Gift Baskets

The very beautiful gift baskets seen in shops and gifted to us and gifted by us to our dear ones would have attracted us too and that is none other than the reason why we tend to select them as our gift to our dear ones gifts. But the thing you should know before you start making your gift baskets is the taste of the receiver to whom you are planning to give your gift. The main thing you will have to be while you are all set to make a gift basket is being creative.

Creative minds can make out wonders from even silly things like hats or boxes and when the work is complete the gift basket would look much beautiful perhaps more beautiful than the one you see at shops. To materialize your dream basket have ideas in mind to give your basket a decorated look. You can get baskets, bags buckets or even pots to start with. You should take into consideration the interest of the receiver including their age and areas of interest and you should be aware of the kind of occasion for which you are making the gift basket. It would be better if you get a thin material like that of newsprint to cover the bottom and then you can cover it with some filler so that they will cover the newsprint. Take care to keep the largest item in the middle and arrange the contents in such a way that everything is seen and it gives the basket a simple yet decorated and elegant look.

The basket can be filled with silk flower, decorative tissue papers or balloons so that they look cute. Once you have filled the contents ensure that they are fixed properly and won’t fall apart. It is up to your choice either to wrap or fix them and at last you will have to fix a hand made bow to make your gift handy and beautiful. You gift basket will look stunning if a elegant ribbon would be added to it.

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